Check Out These New Dodge Charger Performance Features

Are you in the market for a new performance sedan? You may want to take a close look at the all-new Dodge Charger and its performance features before making that buying decision.

Regardless the weather or road conditions, your new Charger is going to be up to the task. The AWD system in this new Dodge has a front axle disconnect that gives the driver even more control in the worst driving conditions. Snow, rain, or slick roads, not a problem when driving your Charger on the roads.

The brake assist feature in the new Dodge Charger is working to keep you safer at high speeds. if the radar detects a vehicle or pedestrian ahead, the brake assist will power down the brakes so that you get maximum braking power instead of having to slam on the brakes and possibly lose control of the car.

Stop by Dunning Motor Sales today and take the all-new Dodge Charger out for a test drive today.



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