Chevrolet Sonic’s Modern Design Sets New Standards

Technology has come a long way since the turn of the century, but when most people think of these advances, they think primarily about computers and communication. However, the automotive industry hasn’t been complacent, with engineering leaping light years in the same amount of time. New definitions for efficiency, safety, practicality and comfort have arisen, and nothing personifies that better than the new Chevrolet Sonic.

This vehicle focuses on comfort done the practical way with expanded leg room, folding rear seats for additional storage when necessary, and a luxurious interior that feels far more expensive than it actually is.

Along with this comes the latest in the previously-mentioned computing technology, offering Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for safe, integrated smartphone operation. Enjoy full internet-powered entertainment, navigation and everything else in a safe, hands-free system that pairs with any modern device.

The Chevrolet Sonic is a 21st century car, offering everything we’ve come to expect from a “car of the future” except perhaps the ability to fly – give Chevy a few more years, and who knows, that might change as well. Come visit us today at Dunning Motor Sales to test drive the Sonic and experience its many more design innovations today.



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