Take Steps Now to Prevent Rodents from Damaging Your Vehicle

As a vehicle owner, you’re probably aware of the importance of using quality fuel and keeping the tires properly aired up, but you might not know about the amount of damage that rodents can wreck under the hood and inside of your vehicle. Here are a few facts about rodents that every driver needs to know.

Rodents look for easy food sources, so clearing out food, food wrappers and drink bottles makes your vehicle far less inviting. Being aware of possible rodent hiding and nesting spots near your parking space and sealing them up with steel wool or wire mesh can also help to keep your car, truck or van free from these pernicious pests.

The personnel at Dunning Motor Sales are experts when it comes to getting the best from your vehicle. We’ll be more than happy to check out your car, truck or van for signs of rodent activity, and we’ll recommend a course of action for you based on what we find.



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