Tire for Playing In The Snow

Although you've probably heard of snow tires, there are a few other types of winter tires that are important to consider. The most common type of winter tire is the snow tire. These tires have a design on them that make it easier to add chains for better grip in the snow and ice.

Another option would be tires that don't have studs but that still have enough traction for driving in the snow. This is a tire design that is a friendly option for driving in the snow. You will feel like you have the studded design but without the noise and the bumping on the road that you might feel.

Performance tires for the winter months often deliver better capability while driving on harsh road conditions. They are designed more for ice than snow and are more accepting of colder temperatures. Dunning Motor Sales can offer suggestions for the type of tires that would be best for your vehicle and while driving in winter.



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