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  • Craig Abner
    General Sales Manager
    740-439-4465 / c:740-260-1006

    Leading the Dunning Motor Sales team, Craig knows that one single approach is not the same for everyone. With more than 30 years of automotive experience behind him, he is committed to working with each and every customer to find the best fit for their vehicle wants and needs. He is also a 10 time GM Mark of Excellence winner.

  • Brian S Smith
    Sales Manager / Marketing
    740-439-4465 / c:740-317-2823

    Handling the Used Vehicle Department, Internet & Marketing, Brian brings 25 years of award-winning marketing expertise to the Dunning team. As a 12 year ad agency owner, Brian is well-versed in digital marketing, social media and various forms of advertising. Brian's rapid rise to success from Salesman to General Sales Manager in just eight months was published by Author and Sales Trainer Joe Verde. Brian is a four time GM Mark of Excellence winner, family man and an ordained minister.

  • Chuck Mikulik
    Sales Manager
    740-439-4465 / c:740-705-3904

    The one-time star of the movie "Braveheart" his namesake was made legendary after the first battle scene..."Mikulik, Mikulik! (not really). He brings 27 years of experience in the automotive industry and serves as a Sales Manager and back-up Finance Manager. He is a graduate of Leadership Coshocton, spent three years in retail sales management and launched the "Feed the Team' program for several area high school baseball teams. Enjoys joking and having fun, is a devoted father, high school sports fan and his favorite meal is breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time.

  • Mike Blumenauer
    Finance Manager
    740-439-4465 / c:330-401-9933

    With a versatile financial background, Mike brings energy, enthusiasm and mischievous edge to the Dunning finance department. His attention to detail and understanding of a wide array of financial products available insures that each customer is offered a thorough and transparent presentation every time. He brings twelve years of automotive finance experience and ten years within the banking industry. Mike enjoys kayaking, fishing, boating and camping as well as surprising people with the most off-the-wall jokes ever told.

  • Ricky Patterson
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    740-439-4465 / c:740-801-1072

    Performing at a high-level over his entire career, Ricky brings unmatched energy, effort, integrity and commitment to the Dunning sales team. In his three years in the business, Ricky has developed a loyal following which has vaulted him to multiple salesman of the month awards, GM Mark of Excellence Award and a variety of Chrysler Certifications. Prior to joining the Dunning team, Ricky worked for the County EMS, and as a volunteer firefighter/EMT, which further developed his passion for helping people.

  • Trevor Arnett
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    740-439-4465 / c:740-680-4308

    As a young, aggressive and highly motivated member of the Dunning sales team, Trevor has developed into a top level sales professional. His drive and commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of his desire to help customers enjoy the greatest buying experience possible. As a lifelong resident of Cambridge, Trevor strives to give back to the community at every opportunity. He is GM and Chrysler Certified and his efforts have produced multiple salesman of the month awards. 

  • Tim Jones
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    740-439-4465 / c:740-255-1759

    Having served the country as a decorated member of the US Navy, Tim brings twenty-one years of automotive experience to the Dunning sales team. He handles commercial sales and retail sales, as well as being RAM Expert Certified, Certified Technology Expert, GM Certified and Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Certified. Tim is actively involved in the community as a 13 year member of the Lions Club and other organizations. He is also a devoted husband, father and grandfather and enjoys anything outdoors.

  • Dan Cain
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    740-439-4465 / c:330-987-4243

  • Mike Carpenter
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Gary Loader
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • John Mohler
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    740-439-4465 / c:740-584-5818

  • Scott Deel
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    740-439-4465 / 740-284-2288

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